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Simposio: Phenomenology, Literature, Art

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Riceviamo e pubblichiamo:
International Symposium:

Perugia 13-18 July 2009
Scientific directors: Chris Bremmers (University of Nijmegen)Leif Dahlberg (University of Stokholm)Bob Vallier (University of Chicago)Lorenzo Vinciguerra (University of Reims)


Lundi – Monday – Lunedi 13 July: Philosophy and/as/or Literature
10:00 Andre Barata, “Literature as Philosophical Choice: On Sartre”
11:30 Arthur Cools, “Singularity and Literature: The experience of the Il y a
13:00 PRANZO
17:00 Marcia Schuback, “Penser, Esquisser: la philosophie et la littérature”
20:00 CENA

Mardi – Tuesday – Martedi 14 July: Matinee Proustienne, Apres-midi Theatral
10:00 Mauro Carbone, “’Seek? More than that: Create!’ Proust at the Limits of Pheno.”
11:30 Mary Rawlinson, “Proust and the Truth of Art”
13:00 PRANZO 18:00 Esa Kirkkopelto, “Primacy of the Scene. On the Phenomenology of Theatre”

20:00 CENA

Mercredi – Wednesday – Mercroledi 15 July: Phenomenology & Visual Art
9:30 Gary Shapiro, “Frames and Diagrams in Landart”
11:00 Jonathan Dronsfield, “Derrida and the Visual”
13:00 PRANZO
16:30 Sami Santanen, “The Law of Tact: Nancy on the Arts, the Body, and Thinking”
18:00 Michael Newman, “The non-being of images and the phenomenology of collage”
20:00 CENA

Jeudi- Thursday – Giovedi 16 July: Reading Poetry with Phenomenology
9:30 Jennifer Gosetti-Ferencei, “Immanent Transcendence in Rilke and Stevens”
11:00 Frans van Pepperstraten, “Poetry and Difference”
13:00 PRANZO
17:00 Jacob Rogozinski, “Sur Artaud”
20:00 CENA
22:00 (approximately) Business Meeting

Vendredi – Friday – Venerdi 17 July: German Philosophy and Literature
10:00 Susanna Linberg, “Sur la Clara de Schelling”
11:30 Eliane Escoubas, “Qu’est-ce que “Faire une expérience avec la parole”? Lecture de Heidegger”

13:00 PRANZO
17:00 Enzo Neppi, “Aux Origines du Nihilisme Italien: Foscolo et Leopardi, lecteurs du Werther de Goethe”

Samedi – Saturday. 18 July: DEPARTURE

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